Curtis Lamar


Some break down; others rise up. Artist Curtis Lamar turned to music as a means of self-expression and healing after the loss of his mother. Soon, he discovered rhyming to be more than therapy. Gospel rap became the vehicle through which he reaches the lost and leads souls to salvation. Curtis Lamar is a light in darkness and a righteous voice for such a time as this. He boldly proclaims the Good News of the Gospel and calls others to experience new life in Christ. Before the Cross came the crossroad. By age 18, Curtis Lamar had been there and done that. Still, God pursued him in the midst of illegal activity, wrong relationships, brokenness and grief. Now, all he does is for the glory of God. Once well-acquainted with street life, he now takes ministry to the streets through community service, youth outreach, and, of course, music. Curtis Lamar’s sound encompasses the prophetic nature of his life experiences and the timelessness of God’s truth. More than an award-winning rapper, this fashion designer and pastor is a man after God’s own heart. Curtis Lamar weaves content into rhymes that overlay urban tracks. He envisions and produces styles that speak to the culture while ministering a message.